Why I Was Skeptical: The Tale of North Korea


Kim Jong Un with all the ladies…

Within the past day, reports have been dropping that Kim Jong Un and his North Korean regime are cancelling talks with South Korea and firing warning shots to the United States that it can more or less forget the planned summit between Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump if the talks and negotiations focal point will be the complete denuclearizing of North Korea, which they adamantly state is out of the question.

When reports first broke on ol’ Kimmy having a change of heart and wanting to talk, I thought to myself that it was just too good to be true, however in an effort to remain thinking positively, I adopted a cautiously optimistic approach to the situation, because at the end of the day, if North Korea and South Korea were gonna reunite and hold hands and love each other, that is without a shadow of a doubt a good thing, right?

Such a good thing in fact that it using it would be the perfect facade.

Trump and Kim meet? Shake hands? Sit at a table and discuss things? In front of the entire world? SET UP. I was literally Admiral Akbar in those moments, screaming:


Mind you, initially I did not believe in any of the unification talks about befriending South Korea, and was stunned when their peace summit came and went without a hitch, in a very positive and uplifting manner that was full of deep rooted symbolism. I did not expect that in the slightest, and watching it unfold was at times dare I say rather amazing.

Despite the grandeur, I still had very skeptical vibes going on about the whole situation. Things just were not adding up to justify such an abrupt change of heart.

Then some real dirt came into the news, but surprisingly mainstream sources really weren’t talking about it: Chinese scientists and surveyors believed that North Korea’s Nuclear testing site, Mount Mantap, had collapsed from sustained and prolonged testing, which it feared could mean radiation leaks that could find itself wafting towards China itself. See: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/worldviews/wp/2018/04/25/north-koreas-mountain-mystery-is-punggye-ri-nuclear-test-site-still-functional/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.9f2500ffc792

I would like to rephrase that last paragraph to truly highlight the point: China came to town, found a Mountain in shambles and told Kim Jong Un that he was done.

Think about it for a minute. China is a Nation that while stumping on the campaign trail, then-Candidate Trump did not shy from saying that China was a good potential influence when it came to talking about North Korea and “rocket man.”

Well, no matter now right? Kim Jong Un and North Korea played a game of appearing soft and changing, but now it seems that just a few weeks away from another historic meeting, things suddenly intensify and things may in fact go wrong, so wrong that the historic meetings don’t happen.

This brings me to a Tom Nichols article that brilliantly highlights how Kim Jong Un possibly stacked the deck in such a way to make himself the stronger, smarter, “more winning” leader.

So now we have seemingly come full circle, as it were, where ol’ Kimmy has played South Korea, President Trump, the United States, and yes, the world, as fools. The cautious optimism is waning and slowly being replaced with more fierce skepticism, and undoubtedly as more information is revealed, the more my shift toward less intervention and affairs with North Korea becomes stronger.

Maybe it is too early to tell, but I will always remain extremely skeptical of political madmen (or women for that matter), even when the motivations at the moment seem sincere and noble. I always appear to be left wondering what the ulterior motive is.

But alas, my initial reaction when this news first broke in March:



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