Race to Armageddon

The road to hell lies dead ahead,

It’s too late now, we’ve been mislead

The storm approaches from the west now.

As we sail across the sea of time

We carry on, we don’t look back

Still we march ahead

As the world burns

  • As The World Burns, Avian, from the album From The Depths of Time

A firestorm was set off over the ever persistent issue of never ending threats of aggression from North Korea and “fearless leader” Kim Jong-un. As is typically customary, new reports were suggesting more missile testing from North Korea, with reports now confirming that North Korea is capable of developing missile-ready nuclear weapons.

A ruthless dictator, a nation becoming a nuclear threat, tensions constantly on a build up, and poking the giant bear (America) with a stick.

Like a race to Armageddon.


Graphic courtesy of The Washington Post. That’s a lot of Armageddon…

War is a pretty nasty thing. When humanity sets out against itself in the name of fighting and dying, the cost becomes difficult to bear. The thought of Nuclear War takes that exact sentiment, only it multiplies it by thousands, millions even. And it totally baffles me, who really wants to be at the helm of such brute destruction?

Now, mind you, I don’t actually believe the world is on the brink of disaster. Sure, it LOOKS like every nation is standing against each other, holding a detonator in their hands, screaming “I SWEAR TO GOD, I WILL END IT ALL!” but in all reality, right now I believe we have some pretty bold threats and are entrapped in a pissing contest. There is a great deal of unrest, and as these events occur, be it Russian interference in the election (come to terms with it: Russia isn’t an ally. Saying so is NOT saying that Trump actively colluded with them, nor is it denying the potential that Trump is a victim here); North Korean threats; ISIS and extremism; Economic turmoil; we seemingly get drawn away from opportunities to find unity within our own country, let alone the world.

Come to terms with it: Russia isn’t an ally. Saying so is NOT saying that Trump actively colluded with them, nor is it denying the potential that Trump is a victim here

What we’re witnessing right now is seemingly a power struggle, both among us at home, and abroad. Nation’s are seemingly vying to become more powerful, more global influences. Political groups are engaging in divisive rhetoric to try to increase base support and minimize the impact of the other people.

Such a toxic environment threatens the most important thing of all: each of our individual pursuits of Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Governments, nations, they are all seemingly becoming more desperate on a world scale, and on the home front here, our very people are divided by arbitrary boundaries we have created. Whether it is race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, education, wages earnings, health care right vs health care service, and so on. People are striving, begging, pleading for safety and security, and those willing to sacrifice essential liberty for a fleeting feeling of either safety or security deserve neither.

Until we realize that…

The race to Armageddon is on. And may God have mercy on our souls.


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