Prime Day Insanity


It was July 10th-11th, 2017. Amazon, the giant online mega-retailer, called upon its customer base with deals deals deals. More deals than Black Friday, as the banner above claims. My wife was ecstatic, and in shop-cray-cray mode, and I have the boxes to prove it. Just look below, exhibit A and B.

Yes, boxes upon boxes upon boxes upon boxes. STUFF! Also, I thought it would be fun to scour the internet to find antifa anti-capitalist types, just to scour their social media pages seeing if they had posted something anti-capitalist yet somehow also praised the brilliance of Amazon Prime day. The reason was because I could mock them for being dumb.

Alas, I didn’t get the chance. My work schedule was flipped for this week, so I was working 8×4 shift. In fact, I was mostly unable to participate in the Prime Day fun because of that same reason, only able to send a message to my wife of what I really thought I needed, which included a brand new surge protecter with the USB inputs built in, a new watch, and Death Wish coffee (yes it is a need, yes I did get it, yes I was wired all day today, and YES it was delicious!).

I was also surprised when she revealed she obtained Guitar Hero Live for Xbox One…because I haven’t played Guitar Hero in forever, and I must say, it is every bit as addicting as it was in my old High School “I couldn’t give a hoot” days. You remember, when you were supposed to be doing all that homework, but you didn’t, and you wondered why your GPA was so low? Well clearly my priorities to master Guitar Hero on Extremely Hard was more important. It was also more fun.

 It kind of sucked though, and I think it is a brilliant highlight of how addicted we are to technology. Working in a profession where you’re barred from having your cell phone and can’t stay glued to a computer, prime day didn’t jack up charges to my wallet. Sure, my wife still rolled with it, but mostly she didn’t buy things that weren’t going to be useful. 

Think about it though. There are people who loaded up, item after item after item, deal after deal after deal, all day long. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, and someone who can’t control their spending is on them. It’s actually a great highlight of a great open internet, where a competitive company can offer these amazing deals to paying club members. 

All of this is probably useless information if you didn’t know about it, because…well, prime day has come and gone. 


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